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The banking landscape continues to shift severely. Low interest rates, new market entrants, fast fintech developments and new rules force the industry to reinvent itself. Our quest for the future of banking is locally oriented and spiced by international ideas and inspiration.

A community tale:
The story behind The Banking Scene

The Banking Scene

The Banking Scene is an active banking community and network organisation for the Benelux financial industry and beyond. It inspires bankers during their journey to transforming the sector into a more innovative and agile version of its current self.

Passionate about banking and related technologies, our mission is to accelerate networking. We do this by offering this essential platform that connects banking professionals and that sparks up thought-provoking dialogues.

"The Banking Scene absorbs you into the turmoil of the financial landscape and gives you a clear view on the themes that keep us awake" Peter De Wit, Strategic Development Manager, Beobank

Our first Conference in Amsterdam will be postponed to 2021.

We hoped that by now, the situation on COVID-19 would have normalised. In a way it also did. But we still don't know what tomorrow brings.

Your health is our main concern, and today, there remain too many questions unanswered at this stage. So we decided, after many talks with our partners, bankers, associations, to cancel our conferences in September. Our conferences have two missions: sharing ideas and meeting people, and if we cannot guarantee this professionally and healthily, if the experience is not according to expectations, we believe it is not worth organising it.

Ticket holders will be contacted personally.

Please do keep an eye on our main website. We pivoted our business in a digital model, making sure people can still share ideas and meet others.

The Banking Scene Afterwork is a weekly virtual round table, each week with another central guest to talk about a specific inspirational topic. These small scale meetups are highly interactive, and they provide you with a 1-hour distraction to make you think differently about your day-to-day business.

Every quarter we have our executive 1,5-hour virtual events, more information for our session of September will follow soon.

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