Thu, September 24, 2020
2:00 PM - 10:00 PM CET
Circl, Amsterdam

Gustav Mahlerplein 1B

1082 MS Amsterdam

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The Venue


In a vibrant city with weekly fintech meetups we found the right spirit to discuss what trust is all about for banks and financial services.

With a mix of familiar faces and new ideas we believe we can bring fresh air in the existing ecosystem.

We meet in Circl

Built around sustainability, and right in the center of Amsterdam. We believe there is not other place to better link 2019's theme (Banking for Humanity) with the one of 2020!

Join us for the conference, a few drinks, good food and open discussions afterwards.

How to get there?

Public Transport

Easiest way to get there. Train Station is only 4 minutes away from Amsterdam South Station. This is also where Metro 51, Metro 50 and Tram 5 stop.

Nearby is also Bus Stop Hogewerf.

ook metrolijn 51, metrolijn 50 en tram 5. Ook buslijn 62 stopt vlakbij, halte Hogewerf.

By Car

You can park by car in Q-Park Mahler or Symphonie

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