The Speakers

Jo Caudron

Founding Partner

I've started my digital career somewhere in 1994. It was all a bit by accident that I discovered the internet and together with my brother and two friends, I created the first digital agency in Belgium. Now we are 25 years later and I can look back on a rich history of digital activities. Of some I'm still very proud. Others were endeavours to forget quickly. Yet all of these entrepreneurial moves made me what I am today: privileged to be in this business for over two decades, getting to know so many interesting people. I consider myself to be a transformation strategist. The good thing is that this profession doesn't really exist, so I don't have to live up to specific standards or conventions.
I'm passionated about change and how digital is impacting everything around us. For over a decade my company Duval Union Consulting (recently renamed: Scopernia) has been helping all kinds of organisations, from Denmark to Dubai with the big question: how is digital changing our very essence? For companies this basically means understanding how business models will change. Recently I've started thinking about how digital is impacting society as a whole. This was the driver to start writing my latest book, "De Wereld is Rond".
P.S.: every participant will go home with this latest bestseller!

My Speaker Sessions

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Unfortunately we will have to wait until 2021 to meet up with The Banking Scene in Amsterdam. Ticket holders will be contacted personally.